Apple event 2020: The gadgets that can be released already in March

On Tuesday 15 September, Apple invites you to what we hope will be the first of three events during the autumn. The title of the event is Time flies and it is quite obvious what it refers to, especially considering what the rumors say before the event.

Here are our expectations for the event.

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No Iphone 12

In normal years, Apple usually holds an event in September where this year’s new Iphone models are presented. This has been the case for many years now, ever since the Iphone 5 was launched in 2012. But 2020 is not a normal year. Covid-19 has put most things on hold, and for Apple it is, among other things, problems with both internal development when designers and engineers have been forced to work from home, and the manufacture of components at subcontractors.

This makes it easy for the Iphone 12 to arrive later than usual. Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri said in the latest quarterly report that the new iPhone models will be launched “a few weeks later”. Of course, that in itself did not mean that the phones can not be shown now in September, but according to, among others Mark Gurman at Bloomberg and John Paczkowski on Buzzfeed there will be no Iphone 12 at next week’s event.

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Apple Watch Series 6

Jon Prosser’s sources claimed that the new Apple Watch model would be released via a press release on September 8, but this did not happen. Mark Gurman instead claimed that Apple would only invite to an event, which was also what happened. He also claims that one of the products that will actually be launched at the event is the Apple Watch Series 6.

That task is also supported by a finding that Guilherme Rambo on 9 to 5 Mac has made. Apple’s event stream, which has already been added Youtube, has been tagged with “Series 6” – but not with “Iphone 12”. Apple has added a long list of more general tags, such as “IOS”, “Iphone”, “Mac” and “Ipad” but apart from “Series 5” and “Series 6” no specific models are mentioned.

Some rumors also say that a cheaper new model of the watch is underway, which can be launched at the same time as the Series 6. It should be a replacement for the Series 3 with slightly simpler material and not all sensors that are in the top model.

Ipad Air

In recent weeks, several rumors have been circulating that a new model of Ipad Air will be launched soon, and Mark Gurman also believes that there will be a new Ipad at the event on 15 September.

Macrumors has published pictures of a Spanish manual for the new Ipad Air which shows that it will, among other things, get USB-C instead of lightning and Touch ID built into the side button instead of a home button, to make room with a much more comprehensive screen and narrower edges around it. The Home function will work as on devices with Face ID, ie a swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen. It should also have a Smart Connector on the back, for easier connection of external keyboards. Possibly the same keyboard as for the 11-inch Ipad Pro can be used, but it is not clear from the rumors.

New system versions

It is possible that Apple will take the opportunity to launch at least some of the new system versions that have been beta tested since WWDC at the event. Most likely is iOS 14 and Ipad OS 14, but Watch OS 7 also feels likely because it may be required in a new Apple Watch. Mac OS Big Sur still has many bugs in the beta versions and does not seem clear for a while.

Other products

Apple has a bunch of other new and updated products underway that are rumored to be released before Christmas, but there is no specific information for the September event. The Airtag gadget finder tag is one such, as is the Homepod, which according to Bloomberg will have a simpler and cheaper model. Another upcoming new product that has been rumored for a long time is a pair of full-coverage headphones in the Airpods series. But since Apple usually has a hard time keeping launches this close, we see the probability that we will see one of these on Tuesday.

We must also not forget the first Mac with Apple Silicon, which Apple has promised before New Year. But considering that the latest rumor on that front is that the processor that will sit in it has just started mass production, it’s a lot better. A launch of it before the iPhone 12 would also risk overshadowing the most important new product for Apple during the year.