Apple executives document how the company has met Epic

The dispute between Apple and Epic continues, and at the end of last week Apple submitted new evidence to prevent the court from approving Epic’s claim for a preliminary injunction, reports BGR.

First it is Mark Grim, one of two people at Apple with the title Game Developer Manager, who tells about how Apple over the years has met Epic and helped the company in various ways. Among other things, Apple is said to have sent 16 Developer Transition Kits with Apple Silicon to Epic to facilitate the development of Unreal Engine, and has allowed the company to test apps on over 2,000 test units – far more than the 100 units ordinary developer accounts are allowed to test.

Apple has also sent developers to Epic to help optimize Unreal Engine and its Metal developer tools.

Mike Schmid, head of Games Business Development, writes about how demanding Epic has been and that the company has “repeatedly” threatened to withdraw Fortnite from the App Store if Apple does not do what they want. Among other things, Apple has made sure to have staff on hand 24 hours a day to handle urgent requests from Epic.

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According to Mike Schmid, Apple has even changed some App Store rules to accommodate Epic, such as the ability for users to donate in-app purchases to other users.

According to Apple, the testimonies are about showing how accommodating the company has been to Epic, and that it is willing to change rules when it can be done in a way that is safe for users and treats all developers the same.