Apple fires boss who has tweeted about malpractice

Apple has fired Ahsley Gjøvik, reports The Verge. She has been a middle manager in development and this spring started reporting on Twitter about misconduct at work. Among other things, she has written about how she has reported sexism to the human resources department without anything being done.

She has also written about how she has tried in vain to bring about changes in how Apple handles buildings that are on contaminated land with potential health risks.

Since the beginning of August, Ashley Gjøvik has been on leave while Apple investigates her accusations, but she has continued to tweet about the matter and during the week an equivalent announced to the Swedish Work Environment Authority in California that the authority will investigate her report there.

On Thursday, she received an email from the department that handles threats and violence in the workplace about a meeting about a serious copyright incident. She was asked to appear for a phone call within an hour but replied that she prefers emails so that the entire conversation can be in writing.

The answer she received was that the investigators will proceed with the information they have because she had “chosen not to participate”, and a couple of hours later she received a new email telling her that she had been fired. What it is Apple claims that Ashley Gjøvik has leaked, she has not received an answer to.

Comments are now hailed on twitter, including about the irony of being fired for having raised work environment problems the same week as Labor Day, the American equivalent of the first of May.