Apple Hardware Manager: That’s why we skipped Face ID in the new Macbook Pro

In her review of the new Macbook Pro, Joanna Stern has on Wall Street Journal also interviewed two executives at Apple: Hardware Manager John Ternus and Marketing Manager for Mac and Ipad, Tom Boger.

When asked why Apple still does not give computers a touch screen, John Ternus replies that Apple already sells the best touchscreen: the iPad, which is optimized for it. The Mac is instead “totally optimized for indirect input” and Apple has not seen any reason to change that.

Another question, which many users also wonder about, is why the new models have not received Face ID. Tom Boger has an answer to that:

– Touch ID is more practical on a laptop because the hands are already resting on the keyboard.

Tom Boger does not seem to have thought that you can activate Face ID on the iPad Pro by pressing space on a connected keyboard and that it works really well, even though he is in charge of the marketing of both product families.

Joanna Stern also took the opportunity to ask if Apple could possibly develop a waterproof Macbook, but only got the answer that it is not something many people ask for.

Perhaps more interesting is an answer from Tom Boger about repairs and third-party workshops. He says that Apple is “working on” these to have access to service manuals and components.