Apple has already started producing M2 chips

Apple has barely gotten started with the M1 chip when it’s time for the sequel, which looks to be coming already this summer with a bit of luck.

It’s the Japanese the Nikkei magazine which comes across information that Apple has already started producing Macs with M2 chips, which is something we still have not heard from Apple about ourselves.

But that this is the way Apple is going now is more or less obvious. According to Nikkei, Apple plans to launch its first Mac with M2 chip in the second half of 2021 and this means that we can see the first Mac already in July.

If we’m lucky, Apple will talk about the M2 during this year’s WWDC, given how important these processors are to them and how much they actually push for this.

The Macs we hope will get the M2 are the 16-inch Macbook Pro, the iMac 30-inch and a more powerful 13-inch Macbook Pro that does not sound completely impossible.

Should all this information now be correct, much of this will be confirmed at this year’s WWDC, which starts on 6 June.