Apple has finally introduced the all-new generation iMac

Then the day has come when we finally get to see a completely new generation iMac and there is a lot of news to cover.

The first thing I think everyone notices is that the new iMac is now available in seven different colors (then all the colors at the bottom), which is clearly new and not like Apple from before.

The new iMac is a really thin desktop Mac that is only 11.5 millimeters thick and this is largely due to the fact that hardware barely takes up any space. And just the hardware, it is Apple’s own processor M1 that will drive this machine and this is a chip that has previously been praised for its performance, which I think will fit perfectly in the iMac.

The screen in the new iMac is now 24 inches and has a resolution of 4480 x 2560 pixels, which Apple has also chosen to call 4.5K. Apple has also equipped the screen with True Tone and selected material that should reflect as little as possible.

Apple iMac 2021

Other news is that we find six speakers now, two of these are subwoofers that will deliver better and deeper sound, Dolby Atmos should according to Apple sound really good even on an iMac.

Although we had hoped that we would see a sharper processor than the M1, the M1 processor is still very powerful and enough for the steam that chooses this particular iMac.

Apple iMac 2021

On the back of this iMac we find four USB-C ports, two of which are Thunderbolt which allows us to connect two 6K screens if the need arises. The power cord has also been redesigned in the iMac as it is now magnetic, nothing Apple chooses to call Magsafe but still magnetic. The power adapter itself is reminiscent of chargers for Macbooks and an interesting solution here is that the ethernet port is in the power adapter, which is an interesting solution to keep the iMac clean from cables.

Another nice news in addition to a new iMac is that the keyboard from Apple has received an update, among other things, it comes in two different versions where the biggest difference is that one comes with a Touch ID button while the other comes with a lock button. Touch ID is thus coming to more and more products and having it on a keyboard for your Mac clearly makes sense. There is also a larger version of the keyboard with numeric which is also equipped with Touch ID.

Apple Magic trackpad color Apple Magic mouse color

The mouse and trackpad remain the same except that you can now get all three keyboard, magic mouse and trackpad accessories in matching colors for your iMac.

The new iMac will be offered in three different versions:

  • Eight-core processor / core-core graphics processor / 256 GB storage / 8 GB frame – SEK 15,995. (Missing Ethernet port & keyboard with Touch ID)
  • Eight-core processor / eight-core graphics processor / 256 GB storage / 8 GB frame – SEK 18,495
  • Eight-core processor / seven-core graphics processor / 512 GB storage / 8 GB frame – SEK 20,995

Apple will start delivering the new iMac in May, a larger variant of the iMac has not been presented at the moment, but probably something that will come later, we hope in any case.

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