Apple has introduced two new processors, M1 Pro and M1 Max

Apple has launched two new processors in the Apple Silicon family. They do not get the name M1X as it was previously rumored, but are called M1 Pro and M1 Max respectively. This may be due to the fact that the M1 brand has been built up over the past year and that Apple wants to both keep it and have two variants with their own names without starting with difficult-to-understand names such as M1X and M1Z. In addition, it will be the same set as with the Iphone family (only one M1 Mini is needed for a new 12-inch Macbook).

The two chips share many components with the M1, but the chip has been scaled up and also has many improvements. Here are basic specifications:

M1 Pro

System-on-a-chip, upscale version of the M1 architecture.
Up to 200 GB / s memory bandwidth.
Supports 32 GB of unified memory shared by cpu, gpu and Neural Engine.
33.7 billion transistors, twice as many as M1.
8 or 10 cpu cores – 2 efficiency cores, 6 or 8 high performance cores.
14 or 16 gpu cores, twice as many as M1.
Support for more screens: Up to two 6k screens.

M1 Max layout
Photo: Apple

M1 Max

Based on M1 Pro, but even more powerful.
400 GB / s memory bandwidth, almost six times more than in M1.
Up to 64 GB of unified memory.
57 billion transistors.
10 cpu cores.
24 or 32 gpu cores, according to Apple four times faster than the M1.
Support for up to three 6k screens and one 4k screen in addition to the internal one.

The machine learning circuits (Neural Engine) have also become faster and the image processing circuit, which is now called Media Engine, is more powerful and has built-in support for the Prores format. According to Apple, this means that it can recode Prores in Compressor ten times faster than the fastest Intel-equipped 16-inch model of Macbook Pro.

M1 Pro and M1 Max also have more thunderbolt control circuits than M1 and thus support for more external connections. In addition to more external screens, there are more storage devices, external sound cards, video recording cards and more.