Apple is accused of looking between the fingers of labor law violations in China

In 2014, China introduced a law that puts a cap on temporary labor in the manufacturing industry. At most 10 percent of a factory’s staff may be short-term employees. But according to a report from The Information Many companies break the law and Apple’s major suppliers Foxconn, Quanta and Pegatron do so with Apple’s good memory.

Before the law was introduced, it was common for these companies to hire huge numbers of seasonal workers for the production of, above all, new Iphone models ahead of the annual September launch.

Four anonymous former employees at Apple say that the company already in 2014 investigated its suppliers and found that almost half then violated the new law. Follow-ups showed that despite some pressure, things went sluggishly, and the former employees claim that Apple chose not to pressure the suppliers.

According to The Information, most short-term employees in the factories are actually employed by staffing companies, and the report is unclear as to whether they make up more than 10 percent of the staff in the factories but have permanent employment with the staffing companies or if they are temporarily employed there as well.

Apple has also responded to the criticism in a statement to The Information:

– Rights at work are human rights and our code of conduct for suppliers is the strongest in the industry. And it applies equally to everyone in our manufacturing chain. Factories occasionally use temporary labor and we closely monitor that they live up to our code. When we find deficiencies, we work with the supplier to correct them.