Apple is adding more Swedish developers to the App Store Foundations Program

Sweden has some of the world’s most talented and creative app and game developers. As part of Apple’s efforts to support talented developers, they will soon welcome the 59th Swedish developer to their App Store Foundations Program, while Apple expands the program to 29 countries around Europe.

However, the latest addition is a bit unexpected, instead of a hip indie game studio, it is the app developer Teoriappar Sverige, whose app Get a driver’s license got them on the map and in the program.

Get a driver's license

“The talent and creativity that Swedish app developers possess is something we are very happy to support,” says Christopher Moser, Senior Director of the App Store in Europe. “By welcoming our 59th Swedish developer to the App Store Foundations Program, we strengthen our commitment to work closely with developers who build exciting apps”

Apple’s App Store Foundations Program was launched in 2018 and provides developers with support to create better apps.

Previous participants are the developer Strömming, whose app Planta helps users identify and care for plants, whose app has been downloaded 3.5 million times. The game Grand Mountain Adventure, from the developer Toppluva, has been praised by users for its graphics and rendering of downhill skiing.

Sebastian Sehr, Toppluva’s CEO and co-founder, says that the App Store Foundation’s Program “helped us create relationships in the ski industry, and the direct access to the App Store team’s expertise has really been very helpful”.

There are currently 1.8 million apps in the App Store.