Apple is granted a patent on the curved model by Imac

Updated (2021-09-07):

In early 2020, Apple submitted one patent application for a new model of Imac which differs radically from the current models.

According to the description, the computer, the screen, the keyboard and the trackpad were to be built into a single piece of curved glass. You can see what it could look like in the picture above.

It is now clear that the US Patent Office has granted Apple’s application, something like Patently Apple be the first to pay attention.

It should of course be mentioned in the context that an approved patent application does not mean that the product will become a reality. It could just as well be that Apple wants to put sticks in the wheels of competitors who want to invest in a similar solution.

Previously (2020-01-27):

In the future, Imac can get a completely new shape where the computer fits in a single curved piece of glass. It shows a patent application from the company that has been found by Appleinsider.

However, the design seems to be more about a way to explore new forms and, as usual with patents, a way to outperform competitors and strengthen their patent portfolio – it is anything but practically useful.

In the basic version, Apple shows a large screen in a glass case that continues down to the desktop where it bends out towards the user and forms both a stand and a cover for the keyboard and trackpad. The result is that the user is extremely close to the computer and will have difficulty capturing the entire image. Normal distance to a screen the size of an Imac is about 50-75 centimeters.

Another variant of the design is an external screen and docking station for a Macbook, where the computer base is pushed forward through an opening in the glass.

If nothing else, the patent application shows that Apple spends time and resources on Mac development beyond basic upgrades.