Apple is investing in the United States, which is creating many new jobs

Apple announces that it has plans to invest huge sums of money in the US and this in turn will create over 40,000 new jobs.

The United States may be a large country, with many inhabitants and unfortunately many unemployed. But Apple does what they can and announces now that it has plans to invest a total of 430 billion dollars in total, this is a goal that Apple has had since 2018 and since then they have invested over 350 billion dollars.

So Apple continues and with the new investment plan, the idea is to be able to create 20,000 new jobs in the US, which is clearly very positive, Apple already had 2018 goals to create 20,000 jobs over a five-year period, but now they want to do this on two years.

One of the facilities that Apple is investing in is their North Carolina campus, which they are investing $ 1 billion in and will create 3,000 new jobs in the future.

But this seems to be just the beginning for Apple, which has big and many plans with both its core business but also with subcontractors and all business around Apple.

Apple CEO Tim Cook comments on the following regarding the investment:

“At this moment of recovery and rebuilding, Apple is doubling down on our commitment to US innovation and manufacturing with a generational investment reaching communities across all 50 states. We are creating jobs in cutting-edge fields – from 5G to silicon engineering to artificial intelligence – investing in the next generation of innovative new businesses, and in all our work, building towards a greener and more equitable future. ”