Apple is pressured about Telegram in the App Store

In the aftermath of the failed storming attempt by Kapitolium, several tech giants have begun shutting down users who break the rules, and in some cases, entire sites and apps have been completely sonic shut down. One of these is the alt-right site Parler. Now the app Telegram and Apple have ended up in the firing line, writes AppleInsider.

That’s the coalition Safer Web (CSW) which is suing Apple for Telegram still being available in the App Store. They believe that the app is used by right-wing extremists to plan new attempts to storm the Capitol and to kidnap or even murder politicians.

The lawsuit was filed on Sunday, claiming that Telegram is still available in the App Store, even though Apple is aware that Telegram is being used to intimidate and threaten dissidents. According to the CSW, Telegram is used as a “communication channel for the Russian government, belonging to neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups, to disseminate information with a view to increasing racial differences in the United States and in Europe.”

They also write that Telegram is used to “coordinate and encourage extreme violence” in connection with Joe Biden being sworn in as the new president, nor has Google made any plans to remove Telegram from its app store.