Apple makes really good money on games

It’s no secret that Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony make money on games, but far from as much as Apple apparently.

Apple and Epic are, as you probably already know, in a lawsuit where they do not really agree on a lot, but at the same time, figures have now appeared that show how much Apple actually earns on games.

The numbers from 2019 showed that they earned over 8.5 billion dollars on games alone in the app store and I almost dare to guess that this figure was even higher in 2020. This figure from 2019 is more than where Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony earned together on games and then these three companies focus enormously on gaming.

Apple currently takes 30 percent of all digital purchases on the App store, something that the court in the US wants to be reduced or to be able to implement other payment solutions, Apple clearly earns huge sums on the app store and will probably continue to do so in the future as well.