Apple may not block Epic’s developer tools

US court has now ordered Apple not to block Epic Games game engine Unreal Engine on iOS, reports Techcrunch.

According to the judge, Apple can not take revenge on Epic Games by blocking the company’s developer accounts or restricting developers on Apple’s platform from accessing the popular game engine Unreal Engine.

The judge states that even though Epic Games has violated the rules in the App Store, they have not violated any rules regarding Unreal Engine and Apple’s developer tools. Apple’s actions are thus described as serious, because by blocking Unreal Engine, several innocent third-party developers have been affected.

At the same time, the court denies Epic Games’ request that Fortnite be allowed to return to the App Store as long as the company continues to violate the platform’s rules.

Epic Games broke both the App Store and Google Play Store rules earlier in August when they gave Fortnite users the option to purchase the V-Bucks digital gaming currency at a discounted price directly from the company.

Fortnite was then removed from both stores and Epic Games has subsequently sued both companies, accusing them of having a monopoly on the distribution of software and the sale of digital goods on the platforms.

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