Apple: No, you are not allowed to freely choose the default music service in iOS 14.5

The beta versions of iOS 14.5 that have been out among developers and other beta testers include something that has been called in the press that you can set which music app should be “standard”.

It is not uncommon for Apple to speak to the press about upcoming features, but the company has clarified the matter to Techcrunch.

Apple says it’s not a setting users can go into and do manually in Settings, but Siri is expanded with features to learn which apps you typically use for different types of content – not just music but also audiobooks and podcasts.

For example, when you ask Siri to play a song, it will ask which app you want to use, and store the answer until the next time. If you later repeatedly ask Siri to play music with another app, it will ask again which app you prefer.

Developers will also be able to add code to their apps that tell Siri what kind of content they offer and other things that can make Siri requests more accurate.

Some sites have compared music apps with browsers and email apps, for which there is now a default setting. But it’s a lame comparison because there are standardized links that open in these apps (https: // for the web and mailto: // for email), but no equivalent for music. However, it may seem strange that Apple added a setting to choose which music service Siri should use by default on Homepod, but does not provide the same option in Siri’s settings on iOS.