Apple One will work with separate ICloud and store accounts

Christina Warren, former reporter at Gizmodo and now “cloud advocate” at Microsoft, asked after Apple’s event on Tuesday an interesting question about Apple’s new subscription package Apple One: How does it work for users who have different accounts for Icloud and Apple’s different stores?

Among those who have acquired Apple gadgets in recent years, it is most common to only have an Apple ID, but among those who have been in the Apple world for a long time, it is not uncommon to have different accounts because services like iTunes Music Store and old Mobile Me do not used the same account.

Today came an answer, from none other than Chris Espinosa, who simply says that “it handles it, I just double-checked”. Chris Espinosa was the eighth employee at Apple and the only one from the original gang who still works at the company (Steve Wozniak is technically employed but has not worked at Apple for many years).

The answer is reassuring for those who are in this situation and are interested in Apple One, but some questions still remain, such as whether it works even when the accounts are in different countries (which can happen if you have moved and want to continue getting apps in your old country’s store while switching countries on your ICloud account).