Apple opens for Apple Watch without Iphone – for families

Apple kept secret one of the news in Watch OS 7 for its September event: Family Setup (Family Setup in English) makes it possible to give really young and old family members a watch without the need for an Iphone.

Since the first Apple Watch was released, users have had to pair it with an Iphone. For smaller children, a watch can be more practical, partly because it has fewer functions and distractions, and partly because it is much more difficult to lose something that sits around the wrist.

Family Setting allows you to pair multiple Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, Series 6 or SE with cellular networks to your Iphone and set them up for other family members.

Apple sees the feature as something for both children and older relatives who may not want an Iphone, but where the watch’s many health features can be useful. Location sharing also allows you to see where the family members are, and you can also set up to receive notifications, for example when a child is at the football practice.

Since Family Setting requires a watch with a mobile network, the person who has it can also call and send messages, and for children’s accounts you can, as usual, set restrictions on who the children can contact and other things.