Apple places the Iphone 5C on the global “vintage” list

The old Iphone 5C has now been placed on Apple’s list of so – called older products, for which support is out of date.

Apple has a list of products that are no longer sold and for which support in the form of access to spare parts and other things is either limited or has ceased altogether. The company calls the older (“vintage”) and obsolete (“obsolete”).

Products that are classified as older are those that stopped being sold between five and seven years ago. For these, Apple continues to provide repair companies with spare parts for as long as stock lasts and in accordance with local laws. Discarded products are those that stopped being sold over seven years ago and for these Apple does not provide any support at all.

Previously, Apple placed quite a few products on the senior list only in the United States, while they were directly classified as discarded in the rest of the world. Nowadays, it only applies to a bunch of Beats products.

Since Apple continues to sell some products only in certain markets, it happens that a product that stopped being sold over five or even seven years ago in Sweden is still not on any of these lists, or that a certain model of a product is on older list while others are on the discarded list. This applies, for example, to the third generation Ipad.