Apple postpones return to office work – again

Apple’s plans to have most employees back in the office instead of working from home go no further. The company has had to postpone its return to the offices several times, both to appease employees and due to the ongoing pandemic.

The latest offer was that the employees would return on February 1, but now Apple has again postponed the date, reports Bloomberg. This time, of course, it is the omicron variant of the virus, whose rapid spread has put the world’s healthcare system in full swing, that is behind it.

In a memo to employees, Tim Cook writes that the company will give all home workers $ 1,000 to improve their home offices. This includes store staff who have been assigned other tasks, such as chat or phone support for Apple’s online store.

Apple will notify employees at least one month in advance before setting a new return date.

The company’s current plan for how the work should be organized after the pandemic is that employees should be on site Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and can – if they want – work from home on Wednesday and Friday. In addition, everyone should be able to choose to work from home for up to one month a year.