Apple presents M1-equipped Macbook Pro

In addition to a new one Macbook Air Apple also took the opportunity to launch its first Macbook Pro powered computer the company’s new M1 processor. It is a 13-inch computer that is almost identical in appearance to the Intel-equipped model that was released earlier this year.

On the inside, however, things happen. The new 8-core M1 processor will make the latest Macbook Pro model just over 2.8 times faster than its predecessor, and was highlighted as particularly useful for app developers working in Xcode and creators working with heavy filters in Photoshop. The new gpu will be five times faster than before.

Apple also took the opportunity to compare the new Macbook Pro with the “best-selling Windows competitor in the same class”, stating that their own computer would be just over three times faster, and exemplified that you should be able to play 8k video in Resolve without to drop a single frame.

M1 Macbook Pro

The new Macbook Pro has also improved battery life. Apple promises just over 17 hours of surfing the web, or 20 hours of video watching, on a single charge. Longest battery life in a Mac ever, according to the company. Other news are improved microphones for web conferencing and the like, as well as a better image signal processor that the built-in webcam can take advantage of. In the doorway we find two Thunderbolts with support for usb 4.

The price starts at SEK 15,995 for the new Macbook Pro with 256 GB of storage. For the model with 512 GB, you have to pay SEK 18,495. Pre-orders have already opened with delivery between November 17-18.