Apple releases “jailbroken” Iphones for security researchers

For the first time ever, Apple makes iPhone IOS without iOS normal strong locking. Or rather: This is the first time such devices have been released outside Apple’s secure test lab.

The company has launched Apple Security Research Device Program, a program to allow security researchers to apply to borrow one of these Iphone models with a built-in terminal and a way to run code with any level of security. The loan is valid for 12 months at a time and the phone must be kept locked at the workplace.

The goal is to make iOS more secure by getting external help to find serious security flaws. By giving security researchers access to deeper parts of the system, they can more easily detect, test and verify flaws that Apple can then correct. Optional security level means that researchers can attack IOS different security layers without first having to bypass the other layers.

Detected security flaws must be reported to Apple if the discovery was made intentionally. If a member finds a bug by accident, he does not have to report it to Apple, but in both cases, detected flaws are rewarded according to Apple’s Security Bounty program.

Security researchers and hackers who can show that they have previously discovered security flaws in iOS or other operating systems can apply for a phone on Apple’s website. The program is open in most US, most EU countries and a few more countries.

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