Apple secures patents for biometric login via the screen

By using Touch ID or Face ID built into the screen, Apple can get rid of the now iconic flap at the top of the screen, this writes 9to5mac. Apple has secured a patent that describes how both forms of biometric authentication can be embedded in the display.

I sin patent application Apple explains the current Iphone design has the sensor next to the display instead of being part of it:

An image sensor is usually placed under a protective layer next to the screen. As such, it requires a conventional electronic device that includes both a screen and an image sensor, usually a protective cover that extends across the screen to reserve space to accommodate the image sensor. This conventional design increases the size of the area surrounding the screen, while providing an unwanted increase in the size and volume of the phone itself. ”

The patent focuses on an embedded on-screen image sensor to read fingerprints – that is, embedded Touch ID.

In its patent application, Apple states that the same approach can be used for other forms of biometric identification, including Face ID.

If Apple is working on this, it is not unexpected that Face ID will also be implemented on Mac.