Apple starts selling Magsafe Battery for iPhone 12

If the battery on your iPhone 12 is not enough, Apple has now released an extra battery that you attach directly with Magsafe, a smart solution.

Apple wants to use the magsafe function further on the iPhone 12 series and this is perhaps done in the smartest way, a small powerbank that you can attach directly to the back of your iPhone and thus extend your battery life.

If you charge with your magsafe charger, you get up to 15W, but with this Magsafe battery you have to settle for 5W, unfortunately, it is possible to get 15W via the battery if you have a power adapter connected to at least 27W, so short and sweet the majority will probably use the battery on the go and then it will be charged in 5W, which is low but clearly OK as the battery life gets longer and the phone constantly gets a little more power.

Are you eager to buy this battery they are only available in one size, regardless of model and the price tag is SEK 1,195.

Apple magsafe battery