Apple strikes back at the app that took Google Stadium to iOS

Update (2020-10-20):

According to The Verge Apple will soon remove the Stadium browser from the App Store, as the company believes that the app violates the regulations.

With the help of Stadium, it is possible to run Google’s gaming service Stadia on Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch, this as the so-called user agent has been changed to the Mac version of Safari.

However, what makes the app break the rules is not the use of the user agent but the code that makes it possible to connect Bluetooth controls.

Developer Zachary Knox says he understands Apple’s decision, but at the same time urges users to take the opportunity to download Stadium before it’s too late.

Previously (2020-09-29):

Google’s streaming service for games, Stadia, works on PC, Mac and Android but not on iOS. Or it has been and continues to be official, but now it is still possible to play on an Iphone or Ipad, reports Appleinsider.

This is possible thanks to a group of users in Reddit’s Stadia group and specifically the user Zachary Knox who has released a special browser for the purpose.

The browser is called Stadium and can be downloaded for free from the App Store (it remains at the time of writing, but it is possible that Apple may remove it, either at its own discretion or at the request of Google).

Stadium supports hand controls that normally work with iOS games, but not the Stadia hand control. It has no address bar or other common interface elements, but a simple setting of which website to open in full screen mode and which user agent string to use. By choosing the same user agent string as the Mac version of Safari, Stadia is tricked into thinking that you are coming from a Mac and you can log in and play.

Read more about how to use the app in this thread on Reddit.