Apple Support Provider wants to monitor employees and their families

Teleperformance is one of the world’s largest call center companies, and performs telephone support for giants such as Apple, Amazon and Uber. NBC News reports that during the spring, the company has forced employees in Colombia who work with Apple to sign a new contract that involves major encroachments on personal integrity.

The contract allows Teleperformance to install surveillance cameras in the employees’ homes controlled by ai and according to the company is there to ensure that the employees do not photograph or otherwise copy any information belonging to the companies they work for.

Employees that NBC News has spoken to say that they do not have any separate offices where such surveillance would possibly be acceptable, but work in rooms that are shared with the rest of the family, including children. A woman says she works in the bedroom and does not want any cameras there, but signed the contract because the boss threatened to move her from Apple support.

In addition to detecting whether employees use cameras or mobile phones, the ai claims to register if they release the mouse and keyboard for a long time and classify the workers as inactive, presumably to be able to lower their wages or punish them in other ways.

Apple tells NBC News that in its contracts with suppliers it makes clear that video and photo surveillance is not allowed. The company is also said to have carried out inspections at Teleperformance in Colombia earlier this year.