Apple surprises with AirPods Max

Out of nowhere, Apple released its first over-the-ear headphones that have been rumored for so long, but if it tastes good, it costs money.

AirPods Max will thus be Apple’s first headphones they make over-ear, something that was almost quite expected but that it took as long as it did surprised.

AirPods Max comes as usual with some unique features such as adaptive EQ, adaptive noise reduction, transparent mode and finally spatial audio.

AirPods Max

The band that will go over your head has a slightly different design, which will make the headphones feel a little slimmer, how good this will be in the long run remains to be seen. On the right side we find Apple’s digital crown which we are otherwise used to seeing on the Apple Watch, in addition to the crown we also find a button. With just the crown, you should adjust the volume, change tracks, start / stop music and of course also answer calls and activate Siri.

The element in the AirPods Max is 40 millimeters and must be completely designed by Apple itself. This is perhaps not so strange as they want to get the best possible sound from the headphones and then they want to keep track of what is actually in the headphones. The motor that drives these elements is called neodymium ring magnets, which among other things means that the adaptive EQ can adapt the sound in real time.

AirPods Max

Each headphone is equipped with an H1 chip, which will keep track of the adaptive EQ, among other things, and it will in turn have ten “sound cores”, all for the best possible sound. Together with AirPods Max, a “smart case” is also included and we charge the headphones via lightning so a USB-C for Lightning is included.

AirPods Max comes in five different colors blue, green, pink, space gray and white. The price tag is SEK 6,695 and deliveries of AirPods Max will start on December 15, a perfect Christmas gift?

AirPods Max