Apple wants every Fitness Plus workout to be “a work of art”

Apple recently invited the American health magazine Men’s Health to a virtual guided tour of their Apple Fitness Plus studio to tell you more about the design behind the service.

“We want to make these exercises magical. We create a work of art, something that inspires and motivates. Many people may not think about how important it is to illuminate a spinning session differently from a yoga session, but we think it makes a difference.” , says Jay Blahnik, Apple’s fitness manager, to Men’s Health.

Even the gym itself is deliberately designed to achieve this with a modern look with lots of white and wood. The goal is to make users’ training a little easier, more motivating and easier to measure. With Apple Fitness Plus, Apple’s attitude is that they are in the fitness industry to stay.

“We are happy with the product we are releasing and looking forward to the future. This is not a hobby. This is something we really dedicate and invest in.”

What awaits Apple Fitness Plus in the future, however, is a secret. Apple’s idea is still to be able to offer users a complete solution with well-produced training videos, integration with the music service Apple Music, an app that allows users to choose their own training and, not least, measurement of biometric and activity data via Apple Watch.