Apple wants to use Steam figures as a bat in the fight against Epic

As part of the court proceedings before the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games, Apple has requested a large amount of information from Valve’s Steam store, reports PC Gamer.

Epic has previously been critical of Steam, claiming that Valve devours a large portion of the profits in computer games. Apple’s lawyers believe that this is a relevant comparison with the situation Epic is complaining about on the App Store.

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Valve’s lawyers disagree, saying that the information Apple wants is valuable business secrets and that it would take a huge amount of work to produce some of the information the company is looking for, as it is not part of the normal business to store this information .

Apple wants total figures from Steam – how much revenue the store has, how much sales outside Steam can still be traced to the store and how big the profit is. In addition, the company wants Valve to provide data on all games sold in the store, including information such as name, when they have been for sale and the prices of the games themselves, as well as any buy-in app.

Valve points out that it has nothing to do with mobile gaming at all, and asks the court to deny Apple’s request.