Apple Watch SE – new cheaper model

Previously, when Apple launched a new model of Apple Watch, the company has retained an older model to sell to those who can not afford or need the very latest. Last year’s Series 5, for example, was sold side by side with the old Series 3. This year, Apple has for the first time chosen to instead develop a new “budget model”. It’s called Apple Watch SE and is sold as a cross between the new top model Series 6 and the old Series 3 which is still sold at its regular price.

Apple Watch SE can easily be described as a simpler Apple Watch Series 5, or as a Series 3 with a larger screen.

You do not have the opportunity to buy it with more luxurious materials such as steel or titanium, but can choose between ordinary aluminum and Nike Plus. Unlike Series 6, there are no new colors, but it is the same space gray, silver and gold as in Series 5.

The screen is the same size as on Series 5 and 6, but it is not awake all the time but goes out when it is inactive. This may make battery life better – tests may decide – but it is guaranteed to make it less easy to use in everyday life. On the inside, however, is the same S5 processor as in the Series 5 and it should therefore have no problem keeping up with Watch OS updates.

Apple Watch SE

The other big difference from the top model is that it lacks its two advanced health sensors: ECG and pulse oximeter. This means a clear differentiation between the models. Unlike the Series 3, the Apple Watch SE can be purchased with a mobile network, and is therefore located almost exactly in the middle between the Series 3 and 6.

Price and availability

Apple Watch SE can be ordered now and shipped in 4-5 days. It costs from SEK 3,195 with 40 millimeters of housing and SEK 3,595 with 44 millimeters. Mobile networks cost SEK 600 extra.