Apple’s highlights and bottom line 2021

It’s time to bring the year 2021 to the documents. Apple usually lands on its feet, so does the pandemic year 2021.
Of course, it seems that Apple has sold a few fewer Iphone devices than they probably could have done if it were not for the pandemic, but it is difficult to see that Tim Cook or Apple’s shareholders are crying on the way to the bank.

Here we summarize some of the key points in the Apple year 2021.

This year’s trend

For all of us who have relied on the Mac for many years (and of course for those of us who work at a site called MacWorld), it’s fun to see the Mac’s return in 2021. Because it’s hard to see it in any way other than one. return.

After a few years of harsh criticism of Apple’s design choices, not least the Macbook Pro, Apple’s computers are definitely on a straighter path now.

2021 is the year when the Mac once again became Apple’s most exciting product.

The sneak start was already in 2019 with the new Mac Pro, when Apple showed that they were serious about building an extreme computer for a very small but demanding crowd of users – the classic computer tower was back, something that few Mac users thought would happen just a few years earlier .

Then the new Mac journey for the 20s began with the M1 in 2020, and then took real speed in 2021 with both the new M1 Pro / Max, and a completely new generation Macbook Pro.

It was the first new generation Macbook Pro since Jony Ive left, and it was a computer that fulfilled all our desires. In 2021, we can happily state that the Mac is on its way back to new heights, in fact even higher than before with Apple’s own processor architecture, which so far has exceeded most expectations.

Today, there are no longer any Mac models that we strongly advise against. Just such a thing.

Or yes, possibly that Macbook Pro 13-inch then, which has lost some of its points today.

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This year’s battle

How big can you get? Is there a roof?

These are questions that we, and not least Apple, have had to ask ourselves after a year of legal battles in various places, mainly in the App Store and with Epic. Epic lost the case against Apple by nine points out of ten, but the question is whether Epic still did not win – outside the courtroom.

For during the year, many words have been written and stated about how much power Apple actually has with its App Store and its almost complete power to decide which software may be installed on the Iphone. In addition, Apple’s downright sick rules for, among other things, how developers in the App Store are allowed to communicate with their customers have become generally known, and thus have been put under scrutiny.

Apple seems to think that they are just like a kiosk owner and who must decide for themselves what they want to sell in the store, and how high margins they intend to charge for the products.

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The EU and other bodies do not agree, and instead believe that Apple dictates too much what may and may not be installed on a large proportion of all the world’s smart phones.

And it does not end there either. Apple has the EU’s eyes on it elsewhere, and has had it for several years. This year, the question of a common charging contact has been brought to life again. Apple wants to maintain its lightning standard. The EU wants to force usb-c. Maybe it will end with no gate at all in a few years.

This year’s long bench (s)

2021 was also a year of long benches, where several long-awaited products finally came loose. At Apple’s spring event Spring Loaded came both Airtags, as has long been rumored, and a long-awaited, new Apple TV. The latter was not directly revolutionary, but there was at least, finally, a new remote control.

In the autumn, a new generation of Airpods also arrived, with the first new design since 2016 – a full five years ago!

But at least one long bench is left for 2022. We never saw any new generation Airpods Pro in 2021, but maybe it can be seen in the orb for 2022.

This year’s surprise

Apple surprised in 2021 by making a total reversal. From severely limiting who can repair the Iphone, to letting everyone do it. Really everyone. In 2021, Apple, seemingly out of nowhere, launched a brand new repair program for Iphone and Mac. Initially only for certain phone models, in some countries, but the program will be expanded in 2022.

Apple will sell spare parts to private individuals, and even offer manuals. As a Haynes manual for car owners, but this time for Iphone and Mac in the 2020s. Just a year ago, we had thought this was an April Fool’s joke.

The practical difference may not be so great. Most people who pie their screen on Iphone will probably hand in the phone anyway (or even buy a new one). But the mental picture and Apple’s attitude towards home repairs is the big thing here.

On this front, Apple really managed to surprise in 2021. Maybe it is all the spotlight that has been on Apple during the year that forced this shift centrally at Apple?

With those words – happy ending to the Apple year 2021, and happy new 2022!