Apple’s new initiative is about countering systematic racism

Update (2021-01-13):

On Wednesday, Apple presented the Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, a new initiative that is about counteracting systematic racism.

In total, this is a $ 100 million investment, with a quarter of the money going to the Propel Center, which can be described as an innovation hub for African-American students.

In addition, the Apple Developer Academy opens in Detroit, a city that has had major problems with exclusion in recent decades.

If you want to know more about the initiative, you can take part Apple’s press release.

Previously (2021-01-12):

The American TV channel CBS has done an interview with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook which will be broadcast on Wednesday.

The reason for the interview is a new initiative that Apple will present, but exactly what it is about is unclear at the time of writing. The only thing we get to know is that this is not a new product.

In the interview, Tim Cook also gives his view on the storming of the US Congress and its aftermath, including the closure of the conservative Twitter option Parler.

A taster from the interview can be seen in the embedded clip below: