Apple’s quarterly report breaks new records

When Apple on Thursday night presented the results for the third quarter of the year (and the fourth of the financial year), most arrows pointed upwards.

Turnover for the period amounts to $ 83.4 billion, which is comparable to $ 64.7 billion for the corresponding period in 2020. Net profit after tax, on the other hand, amounts to $ 20.6 billion, which can be compared with $ 12.7 billion last year .

Divided by product category, Iphone accounts for $ 38.9 billion, Mac for $ 9.2 billion, Ipad for $ 8.3 billion, remaining hardware for $ 8.8 billion and services for $ 18.3 billion. In all categories, this is an increase compared to 2020.

Looking at the entire financial year 2021, Apple’s sales ended up at 365.8 billion dollars, which means that it has sold stuff for one billion dollars per day.

– Our record result for the September quarter ended a remarkable financial year with strong double-digit growth, during which we set new revenue records in all our geographical segments and product categories despite continued uncertainty in the macro environment, says Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri in a press release.