Apple’s vision for virtual reality can now be discerned

Having already written about the biggest Apple events in 2021, it is now time to look forward to the year ahead of us, a year full of unlimited and exciting opportunities. The last 12 months have been eventful for Apple, but we can already guess how the coming year will turn out.

The end of a transition and the beginning of the future

My colleague Jason Snell has already described the next step in Apple’s transition to their own processors for Mac. There are several Macs still waiting to take the plunge from Intel. If Apple keeps its two-year transitional promise, the end of this year will offer something unparalleled in the company’s history, with each individual product manufactured by Apple based on the company’s chips.

MacBook Pro broke through in 2021. 2022 may offer more Apple chips.

The integration will also open doors for Apple in terms of how they develop software for their platforms, enabling more interaction and features across the entire range.

Expect to see a redesigned 27-inch Imac in the spring, with solid performance, possibly along with an equally powerful Mac mini. Mac Pro is not expected to appear until the second half of the year. But 2022 will also see the second-generation Mac with Apple’s processors, where the MacBook Air takes the lead with a really redesigned look, compared to its predecessor. It’s an exciting time to be a Mac user, considering it’s a product approaching its 40th anniversary.

Becomes virtual

It’s been a while since Apple entered a new product category, the last being the unimpressive Homepod, which was launched in 2018. But things may change in 2022, now that rumors of the company’s mixed reality headset have intensified in recent years. months. Add to this news that Apple has hired the AR specialist Andrea Schubert from Meta, which makes it seem like Apple may finally be ready to show us its vision.

If a headset shows up this year, it is possible to make some well-founded guesses about it. The first model to emerge is likely to be expensive and will focus on virtual and augmented reality. It will be similar to existing headsets, think Oculus and HTC. It could be shown at WWDC in June. The question is how Apple will convince the average consumer. We predict that it will focus on communication, media consumption and gaming, but at least two of these will require significant investment from third parties.

The headset could be Apple’s entry metaverse, which other large technology companies are talking about, but in that case it will probably be in a very typical Apple way, with a tougher stance on integrity than the competition, as well as elegant industrial design, but with fewer features than some of the competitors. That said, if there is a chance for vr / s to become mainstream, it is probably Apple that succeeds.

Back home

Since we have largely been sitting in our houses during the pandemic for the past two years, I hope that Apple will take further steps into the smart home.

The Homepod may have been a flop, but its successor, the Homepod mini, seems to be doing better. Apple TV has not seen a significant update since 2015, it may be time for Apple to think outside the box. Finding a way to combine the features of Homepod mini and Apple TV can be a start, especially if it also includes some kind of video chat for Facetime and Shareplay.


Similarly, now that the Matter Smart Home Compatibility Initiative is actually gaining momentum, it’s time for Apple to lead the development of the smart home. For Apple, this should mainly mean that they improve how we interact with our smart devices, including a redesign of the Home app and the improvement of Siri’s smart home controls.

Everything else

Of course, new iPhones and Ipads will be released along the way, as well as a couple of different versions of the Apple Watch. Updates to Mac OS, IOS and Ipad OS will no doubt be released during WWDC, but what exactly these will contain will have someone else guess.

Despite problems with the supply chain and the effects of covid, Apple is ready for another successful year. The company had no shortage of revenue last year, and I can not for the life of me believe that it will change in 2022.

Hold on: 2022 will be a wild ride.

Translated and edited by Petter Ahrnstedt