Are you excited by remakes of old games?

remake poll

Earlier this week, Remedy announced that it was remaking the first two Max Payne games. It’s early days, but it’s the kind of announcement that has fans of original titles dreaming of what could be. In fact, remaking classic games is something that’s becoming more and more common as our nostalgia for past generations of consoles grows. And on top of that, remakes can be a great way to bring new players into an existing franchise.

What we’re saying is that remakes aren’t going anywhere any time soon. When you consider the sheer amount of excitement surrounding the reveal of Final Fantasy VII Remake, for example, it’s easy to see why publishers are often so eager to delve into their back catalogue.

But remakes don’t always satisfy everyone, as expected. Even extremely highly rated remakes, like Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 5, can be reprimanded by fans for taking certain creative liberties. Developing a beloved new version of an already loved game can be incredibly difficult: there is a very fine line between updating an old title for a modern audience and removing what made it so special to begin with.

And so we have to ask: do you like remakes? Do you like it when your favorite games of yore go in for the remake treatment? Vote in our polls and then expand your opinion in the comments section below.