Arkane Studios explains Deathloop’s approach in a new video

A few days ago we checked out a new, handsome gameplay trailer for Deathlooop, the new action game by Dishonoreddevelopers Arkane Studios. But how does it really work Deathloop? In a new, three-minute video, Dinga Bakaba, game director for Deathloop, its best to explain the layout.

IN Deathloop tThe player is the role of Colt, a professional assassin caught in a time loop on the island of Blackreef, where he must take eight different targets a day for 24 hours. Each loop gives you increased knowledge of the targets, and access to new abilities and weapons that you can unlock. Dinga Bakaba adds that the game, despite the concept, “does not run on a timer”, and that you can tackle the goals at your own pace, in any order you want, how you want.

The eight targets are spread over four districts, and move during the four time intervals of the day (morning, noon, afternoon, evening). It is a bit unclear exactly what governs when one time interval changes to the next, but it will certainly be clear in the full version. Finally, Colt is also being chased by another professional killer named Julianna, who can be controlled either by the game’s AI or another invading player. If Arkane Studios manages to combine all these ideas into a clear whole, we probably have something very special to look forward to!

Deathloop released on May 21. Here is the new overview video.