Article: 8 games with a gaming theme at a casino without a Swedish license

As unlicensed online gambling increases, casino operations around the world begin to expand their gaming offerings.

Over the years, the gaming industry has drawn inspiration for its games from the cultural entertainment sphere to attract customers. In the digital age of dance, this phenomenon has continued to delight in the increasingly accessible online casinos.

Computer and TV games are the latest sector of the entertainment world that gaming sites have turned to in creating new casino experiences. In this article, we take a look at eight of these games at casinos without a Swedish license, which have been inspired by the speed and fan of gaming.

Casino without Swedish license and gaming

Today, Swedes play more than ever at so-called casinos without a Swedish license. These online gaming platforms are of course licensed, but not within Sweden. Show Swedish casino customers see it as more advantageous to take the step outside the nation’s borders for their gambling. This is because the domestic gaming market in Sweden is under stricter regulations than foreign casinos.

In Sweden, the focus is on reducing the spread of gambling addiction. As a result, the state has introduced measures to curb the casino industry in the country. However, this of course has both advantages and disadvantages. Those who wish to experience greater freedom and a more pronounced financial independence in their gambling do not thrive too well in Swedish casinos.

Casino gaming has not only increased in general among Swedes, but also more specifically in the country’s computer and video gaming sphere. Players who previously played on PC, Xbox or Playstation, have started finding their favorite games at online casinos.

More of those who appreciate computer games have now started turning to gaming sites to bet money. The casino industry has not been lazy when it comes to attracting this type of customer and has increasingly started offering games on its sites that mimic popular gaming experiences.

Eight games at a casino without a Swedish license inspired by gaming

The list that follows is compiled using Casinofox is a Swedish site with very good expertise and knowledge of the unlicensed gaming market. Visitors to the site get access to the best tips for playing at a casino without a Swedish license. The eight gaming-inspired games below are presented in alphabetical order.

  • Battle Shop
  • Brawl At The Red Cap Inn
  • Champion Arena
  • Counterpunch Pro
  • Deadly Combat
  • Loot Luck
  • Superwatch
  • Treasure Craft

Battle Shop

The first casino game on the list is inspired by one of the MOBA sphere’s biggest sellers. For almost a decade, the game Dota 2 has been a giant on the gaming multiplayer scene. Created by the game developer Valve in 2012, there are few computer game fans who have not tested in a couple of games in Dota 2.

This well-known game has now seen its image reproduced in a casino game called Battle Shop. Battle Shop is designed in a classic slot machine style, with fifteen reels spread over three lines. The game is a common occurrence at casinos without a license in Sweden, where the recognizable figures and icons from Dota 2 are spun on the screen in a gaming experience that has been well received by casino customers around the world.

Brawl At The Red Cap Inn

Brawl At The Red Cap Inn is a Warcraft-inspired casino game found on unlicensed gaming sites. Specifically, it is the old classic RTS experience Warcraft: Orcs & Humans that is the source of inspiration. One of the first game installations in the Warcraft universe, Ord & Humans was developed as early as 1994 by gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment (now Activision-Blizzard).

Brawl At The Red Cap Inn is a good representation of the nostalgic contours Warcraft: Orcs & Humans have today. The casino game tries to emulate Blizzard’s masterpiece in everything from graphics and sound to icons and general design. Brawl At The Red Cap Inn is available for play for only a few bucks per game round. However, the highest payout is of the slightly lower nature compared to other gaming-inspired casino games.

Champion Arena

That the global gaming giant Electronic Arts would present the outside world for a free gaming experience of good quality, there were certainly few who believed before 2019. However, EA proved to be capable of delivering just this when their Hero-FPS Apex Legends entered the market. The game quickly became a success among gamers and is still highly valued in the FPS genre.

The casino game Champions Arena has taken advantage of the success of Apex Legends. It mimics the EA game in its design and iconography. If you have played Apex Legends, you will recognize yourself in the characters that will be combined for a win in the Champions Arena. As a casino experience, the game does not stand out very much. The one that stands out the most with Champions Arena is that it looks good graphically.

Counterpunch Pro

Computer game developer Valve does not suffer from a lack of success stories in its repertoire of popular games. The main gaming experience that comes to mind when discussing Valve is most likely the FPS hit Counter-Strike. Ever since it was first developed as the mod of the game Half-Life, CS has repeatedly taken the gaming world by storm in all its subsequent versions.

The latest installation of CS, Global Offensive, took a giant leap into the computer screen thanks to the large esport scene around Counter-Strike. It is not surprising that the unlicensed casino business sparked interest in CS: GO’s success. In the game Counterpunch Pro you get to take part in an environment that is directly inspired by Valve’s multiplayer FPS. Well designed in both appearance and gaming experience, Counterpunch Pro is a great example of how casino games can be adapted to appeal to gamers.

Deadly Combat

The list’s next game at a casino without a Swedish license bears a name that gives a good insight into which gaming experience has been the source of inspiration. Deadly Combat has done its utmost to emulate the arcade game Mortal Kombat. One of the first of its kind in the genre, Mortal Kombat has entertained players worldwide for almost thirty years.

Deadly Combat borrows a lot from Midway Games’ successful fighting games. The characters in this virtual slot machine are more or less copies of Mortal Kombat’s various characters. Possibly less violent, Deadly Combat is said to still manage to live up to expectations of suspense. Relatively cheap to gamble on, it also carries quite large sums of winnings in case the luck should turn up.

Loot Luck

Few gamers were ready for the absolute dominance of the shooter scene as the game developer Bluehole (now owned by KRAFTON) would experience at the end of 2017. The reason for the hitherto relatively unknown studio storm was a Battle Royale game called PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battleground). It did not take long before the game was filled with adventurers around the world who were looking for a chicken dinner or two.

The unlicensed casino industry was quick to capitalize on PUBG’s seemingly unstoppable progress. Before the game was even released in its entirety Loot Luck made its entry into the global gaming market. Loot Luck mimics PUBG in its graphics and sound design in every way. As a casino game, it is also appreciated for its low deposit limit, which offers games at a cheap price. However, the lack of so-called “free spins”, or free games in Loot Luck, is a fact.


The casino game Superwatch is designed after another Blizzard game on this list. This time it’s about the Hero shooter Overwatch, which was published in 2016. When it came, there was a small vacuum on this type of game on the market. The latest giant in the genre was Team Fortress 2, which at Overwatch’s debut was already ten years old.

Superwatch is the casino version of Blizzard’s FPS game. There is hardly any difference between the two in terms of design and graphics. Supwerwatch is a casino game that may lack some content, but looks really good. If you are looking for a stylish gaming experience, this is a good alternative. However, if you want more entertainment from your casino visit, there are better games to try.

Treasure Craft

Finally on this list we find the casino game Treasure Craft. Those gamers who appreciate a little more classic computer games will immediately recognize themselves in this creation. There are few games that have had as great an impact on the gaming world as the RTS game Warcraft 3. When it was published in 2002, Blizzard set foot on a large part of the computer game map. They would keep the sole there for a long time.

Warcraft 3 finally led to the monstrously popular MMORPG game World of Warcraft. However, more sectors in the entertainment sphere have benefited from the success. Treasure Craft is considered to be a relatively good experience at a casino without a Swedish license. It is especially appreciated by customers who have a previous experience of Warcraft 3 and get a nostalgic trip back to the youth on the purchase.