Article: Dirty home? How to get hold of spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is not always easy. It often happens that you lose focus and try to do several things at the same time. Which in practice means that most things are only half-finished and that it takes longer. But! There are some tricks that make your everyday life a little easier.

To get started with spring cleaning, it is good to have a checklist that you can follow. We can probably all recognize the inner satisfaction of deleting points on the list. In addition, you get a visual representation of how far you have come in your cleaning.

Spring is a good time to do maintenance work both outdoors and indoors. Sometimes, however, the inside is a little stepmotherly treated when spring strikes with full force. Instead, it is usually the garden and the flowerbed that attracts. Therefore, we want to take the opportunity to give some tips on how you can easily systematize your spring cleaning indoors in a fast and efficient way by using this simple checklist. Something that also gives you more time for spring fix outdoors.

Spring cleaning in five simple steps:


Among the first things you should do is let the air flow freely in your home to ventilate the scent of winter. Open your windows. At the same time, you can take the opportunity to clean these properly. Just do not forget to wipe the window sills as well.

Rough cleaning!

Before you start cleaning seriously, it’s time to pick up stuff. This is so that the surfaces on the floor are easy to clean while at the same time making your work flow smoothly during the day.


Dust is always done before vacuuming, it is old. You can start by dusting off all surfaces such as tables, shelves and door frames. Then you can vacuum to avoid more work.


A good spring cleaning should end with mopping the floors. This is done with the help of a good and damp mop. After the floor has dried, it may also be time to give any wooden floor a little extra love. This is done by polishing these with wax or oil, something that gives the floors luster and at the same time increases the service life.


A good trick to make spring cleaning last longer is by using new smart technical solutions. A smart robot vacuum cleaner from companies like Xiaomi, iRobot and Neato that also has the ability to wash the floors simplifies life and ensures that it becomes less strenuous to keep the house clean and tidy long after the spring cleaning is over.