Article: Is Game and Movie Streaming Really the Future?

It has become increasingly common to stream most content which means we stop owning, is this the way we will go in the future?

I personally am very much into streaming, mainly because it is simple and in many cases you have access to it on most platforms (phone, TV, console, computer, etc.).

Being able to easily stream your favorite series on Netflix, Viaplay or another similar service on your TV and then continue on your phone before falling asleep in bed is clearly a plus. Or why not come home to a friend who does not have or can not afford Netflix and you can log in to your account there to watch a movie or series.

Something that has just gained momentum recently is streaming your games, video games that you do not have to buy for several hundred kroner but can now for a monthly cost be able to choose between several 100 different titles and get the same feeling as if you were playing on a physical console . But playing games via the browser is nothing new, this is something you have done for several years already and to play on different casino sites Maria Casino Bonus Code is just one of many examples. I played a lot on sites where you had as a mini-game at the time you went to school, then came facebook and people started playing there more and more and now in the future it may be common to play their Xbox games at school on their laptop or why not on his phone.

E-books are something that I would guess was first out and something that still grows today, but there is an exception for me. I have tried e-books before and there is something about the feeling of actually holding a physical book when lying in bed or sitting in your comfortable armchair. Many people probably also feel that way about video games, movies and music, so we all have our demands and our feelings for this with streaming. Continuing to expand your game collection or movie collection with actually physical products is probably something that will not disappear if it ever does.

Technology has really advanced in many ways, especially when it comes to streaming. Buying music or buying CDs today is far from as common as listening to Spotify or Apple Music. When it comes to music, the streaming is the most optimal in my opinion and something I would not be able to do without today.

But the question that often comes up and something that I know that Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs often said is that we as consumers actually want to own, for example, music. We want to buy a song or an album to own this way, no one can take this away from us. We do not do that if we stream everything, we more or less rent this, we pay a sum to get access to the material, which may not be stupid, but at the same time we own less and less. Leasing of various products such as cars is becoming more common, it is quite clear that we as humans want to own less and less, we avoid responsibility but also that we pay a sum to then get access to everything or as simple as not having to think about anything other than paying that particular monthly fee.