Article: Is game break one of Sweden’s best innovations?

Few have missed the fact that the gaming industry has grown enormously online. In Sweden alone, there are just over one hundred active gaming companies that have been granted a license by the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate.

Today we also have a system so that we can play more safely than before. We are not only talking about an increasingly controlled marketing of games about money, but of course also about game breaks.

The gaming industry believes that it is easier than ever for players to register with gaming companies. Today, we do not have to go through complicated forms, it is enough to have E-identification. In addition, we also see that there are more and more gaming companies coming here from abroad. That there will be many Casino without Swedish license 2021 we can therefore only assume. But in the midst of this overwhelming game jungle, there are ways for players to find safe sides, but also to take a step back – with the help of game breaks.

How game break works

When the major gaming reform came into force on 1 January 2019, the Swedish state wanted to protect its players by being able to give them safer alternatives. That is, gaming companies must have been granted a Swedish license by The Gaming Inspectorate to be able to run their business here, but also that there is a way to shut down all gambling for those who want.

With the help of game break, anyone who wants to shut themselves off from games and direct marketing can. You choose for yourself how long, whether it is for a month, three months, six months, a year or for a longer period. As long as you have a game break activated, you will be blocked from all games that require registration and are granted a Swedish license.

The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate’s latest survey shows that more than half of all players are aware of Spelpaus’ website. It also shows that around 58,000 Swedish players have taken a break from playing right now. Although The Swedish Public Health Agency believes that there is room for improvement, such as that even inactive players should be able to block game advertising, it is clear that game breaks used by so many are helpful. Could it be that a game break is even one of Sweden’s best innovations?

Norway follows Sweden

In our neighboring country Norway, people are also harsh on the companies that have not been licensed by the country’s gaming authority. Since the start of 2020, there have been strict restrictions on foreign gaming companies without a license, which are considered more difficult for players to trust. In Norway, payment blockages are used which make it difficult for Norwegian players to be able to activate with the players in question.

It is not entirely unlikely that a break in gambling together with counteracting risky gambling will lead to a healthier people’s home.