Article: Is the technology coming to our cars faster than expected?

That we always have our phones with us pretty much everywhere is nothing new, but can we integrate our phones with the car in more ways than just music?

The giants Google and Apple have already set out to integrate as much as possible when it comes to our phones in the car. We have Carplay from Apple and Android Auto from Google, both of which have equivalent functions, but the most important thing is perhaps that the phone itself ends up in the car.

However, what has been delayed and started to come only now is to connect your phone to these systems and completely wireless, before you had to do it with cable and come on, who connects their phone with the car via a cable? Everything should go via bluetooth which is a must and now finally starting to come. Just imagine being able to play whatever you want directly in the car, either with or without hand control. Win some money while traveling, I do not think anyone had complained, casino bonus codes can help us with this but then it also applies that the performance of the computer itself in the cars is there, some car manufacturers are getting better while others ignore this altogether.

But some car manufacturers take this a step further and integrate Google Assistant directly into the car, Volvo has among other things started with this where we find Google Assistant in the car without any phone, how useful it would be is unclear, but to tell the car to produce Navigation to a specific location is nothing new, it feels like it has been possible to do so for several years without Google or Apple.

Mercedes has taken all this one step further and created its own system, its own smart voice assistant in the car that feels more like a gimmick than actually necessary or useful. Tesla is more or less trying to create a console in the car with the new Model S and they have from the start been quick to have a car that is smart but at the same time as easy to navigate and use as our phones, if not easier.

It will be interesting to see how the car manufacturers take this with the integration of the phone and the car to the next step, everything should go painlessly and it should be as simple as you only have to connect once to then have your phone in the car, if you want. When you start the car, it should not take several seconds, the same second you start the car you should