Article: Marketing Automation – modern sales

One of the biggest problems you encounter when working with marketing is how to stand out in the crowd. With Marketing Automation, you can get your brand, and the advertising for it, received in a way that leads to the conclusion of the deal.

Getting targeted advertising that is really about what you are interested in is, according to studies, the most effective way to reach the customer. Reaching the customer at a time that suits him and with information that is relevant to the customer are crucial factors. Knowing when it is the right time and what the customer wants to know is of course a challenge. But if you use advanced technology, you can achieve it in an efficient way.

Marketing Automation is such an effective tool that the sales strategy can be really cocky

One company that specializes in this is Reynolds international marketing. With customized models for B2B and e-retailers, solutions have been found that enable maximum matching between companies and their customers. It is easier to be cocky with a well-developed sales strategy together with the right technology that allows companies to reach out with their message in the most efficient way imaginable.

What does the marketing strategy mean?

Traditional advertising as a way to get your message out is both an expensive and a blunt tool. It is also no secret that it is also difficult to get feedback. If you instead find out what the customer is looking for or what the customer normally does in the near future after a purchase, you can direct the future contact that it hits the spot.

What does marketing automation mean

Before the first purchase, it is about finding customers who are looking for the goods or services that they offer or potential customers who may not know that they are missing your particular product or service. This can be done, for example, through cookies or advertising that assumes certain conditions.

For example, a target audience for a campaign may be retirees. Then it is interesting to reach even those approaching the age of 65, it is assumed that they are interested in the same things as actual pensioners.

Once you have found your target group, it remains to reach it with the message you want to reach out via a suitable channel, such as e-mail, letter, phone call or social media.

Personalized advertising

What is still the most effective way in this context is to get back the customers who have already shopped from one. Then it can be about simple things like monthly letters and other things that are generally interesting. Or you can step up the strategy and send out care advice for the particular product that the customer bought a certain time after the purchase was completed. In this way, you remind the customer where they bought the product and make the customer feel seen through the extremely targeted information and if the customer is satisfied, the chance increases that it will come back and shop more.

Both B2C and B2B

Working in this way is effective both when you turn to other companies and to consumers. Using the technology available to reach the right customer group with the right marketing is always superior to any other strategy to get all the way to business.