Article: Mixing AMD and Intel is not that dangerous

Mixing AMD with Intel components is not as dangerous as you think, but what do you have to think about and are there any disadvantages then?

If you look at both AMD and Intel components, they both impress and then it is usually performance and price tag that play a big role where both impress in their own way.

But the question that many ask themselves is what it is like to mix these two, Intel currently has no graphics cards but it does have AMD, Radeon graphics cards that impress with its performance. However, AMD also has processors that impress, but these can be real energy guzzlers but also processors that do not fit into our build, in our case we will mix AMD with Intel.

The construction on which the entire article is based is in collaboration with MSI, which has provided us with:

When we start installing all components and it differs from manufacturer, there are no strange things, MSI Z590 Gaming Force has plenty of space for the most part and among other things the graphics card Radeon RX 6800 Gaming X Trio that takes up several PCI slots, but it is where MSI benefits from its experience and with the Z590 Gaming Force there is plenty of space, a total of five PCIe slots so you do not have to worry about the graphics card taking up too much space, but more importantly to keep track of the power supply when it applies to the graphics card and especially if you have one Radeon RX 6800 Gaming X Trio to work with.


But it is also here that the combination begins to come between Intel and AMD, in this case Intel becomes the motherboard because the Socket 1200 is for Intel and the motherboard is adapted for just this. But when it comes to building a computer that combines Intel with AMD, you do not need to think of anything specific, everything fits together today and the important thing is really to have the right motherboard for the right processor as this differs a lot.

AMD different sockets are called

  • AM4 v1
  • AM4 v2
  • AM4 v3
  • FM2 +
  • TR4
  • TRX4

If you want to invest in Intel instead, it is completely different sockets that apply and they are called:

  • LGA1200
  • LGA2066
  • LGA1151 v1
  • LGA1151 v2

If you think you can combine these in two in any way, the answer is no, you MUST have the right motherboard with support for the right socket for the right processor, otherwise a lot can break and it is simply impossible to combine in any other way.


When all components are in place, in addition to the fact that we have several important components from MSI, we also have RAM and SSD from ADATA (XPG) mainly because components that hold the measure and fit best with the motherboard and processor are so important, ADATA has long experience of memory in different ways hence the choice this time was the Spectrix D50 and Gammix S50 Lite.

We also have SSDs from the WD_BLACK series (SN850 & SN750) which offers two devices that are focused on gaming and deliver when it comes to speed, extremely fast to be SSD and something that we all get picky about.

Where it starts to differ and is noticeable that you have Intel and AMD in this build is when we come to the software and will keep track of all drivers. If, for example, we were to run everything with AMD both processor and graphics card, it may be enough to download software that keeps track of everything and also keeps track of our drivers, smoother and both the processor and the graphics card communicate in a completely different way, higher and better performance without hassle.



Now that we have mixed Intel with AMD, it is a bit more work, we have to think about having the right software that runs on the right drivers and running on the latest drivers is in many cases recommended.

In terms of performance, I can not say how much or if we would have gotten higher FPS at higher resolution if we stuck to AMD, but given the latest technology that AMD uses and which is only available between their own components, I can imagine that we would still get an increase of between 5-10 FPS if the game is properly optimized.

In short, we can say that you do not have to worry about mixing AMD with components today. When it comes to how the components communicate with each other, it works, maybe not the most optimal, but even if you invest in the most optimal, it is not many percent better. The only downside I could see with mixing components in this way is when you have to update drivers and keep track of components via software, a little more complicated but still completely acceptable.

But a recommendation that I have and that MSI has proven to us is to choose a manufacturer as much as possible has its advantages, mainly fit in many ways, which makes the whole construction easier but also nicer. Some good examples are how the pump on the processor has a good fit considering its size, the same applies when you screw the radiator into the chassis which are both MSI and the fit and wiring is simple, everything just fits.


MSI continues to develop by facilitating construction and above all, a lot has happened K360 Coreliquid cooling where I immediately noticed several improvements, both when it comes to screwing the fans in the radiator but also the pump itself and all cable handling, there are a lot of cables but it is at the same time easy to understand where everything is going and you can easily move all this cabling to the back of construction, easy to hide.

Another important point is that MSI also thinks about details, details such as sound levels that for many play a very big role but for others maybe a little less. Now that we have used the chassis (with fans), CPU coolers, power supplies and graphics cards from MSI, the sound level is surprisingly low, some light measurements never showed the sound level above 30dB without load, when we started a more demanding game we came up in a little higher, but still clearly approved.

As I said, there are many details MSI has in mind when it comes to construction, but when it comes to drivers and software, there is not much you can do there as it ends up on the table at AMD in this case regarding the graphics card, I do not see it as a problem and everything flows really well. In terms of performance, AMD has really gained a reputation Radeon RX 6800 Gaming X Trio which impresses and has full focus on 4K resolution.