Article: The graphics and light loops in Swedish-developed slot machines online

Online slot machines, or slots as they are often called in Swedish in the casino industry, are basically fairly simple games.

The outcome of the game depends entirely on chance and the player’s role is really only to start the game and see what the outcome will be. Despite this, the games are often very exciting and captivating. This is largely due to the graphics and lighting that well-designed slots use. It is these elements that make different slots different from each other and turn what could have been a simple lottery into a full-fledged game with character and story,

Some of the game developers who have really understood this and therefore come to dominate the range of games at online casinos are Swedish game development companies.

NetEnt shows the way

Sweden’s oldest and largest gaming provider is a perfect example of this. Their huge gaming library is represented in most online casinos. What all their most successful and popular titles have in common is that they have unique concepts and distinct graphic presentation. Gonzo’s Quest is a perfect example of this. The mechanics that control the game are not really different from a traditional slot, but they have replaced spinning wheels with falling boulders in a way that fits the South American theme perfectly. This means that this slot machine still has plenty of fans, even though it now has many years on its neck.

Another classic in NetEnts library is Starburst. This game with its space theme and neon colors creates a completely different feeling than Gonzo’s Quest, and many players experience almost a meditative feeling in Starburst compared to the exciting sense of adventure in Gonzo’s Quest. This comparison is a good example of how much difference the graphics really make to the gaming experience. These two games have only minor variations in their rules that distinguish them from each other. Despite this, they convey a completely different mood and therefore appeal to different types of players. Only you can decide which style is best.

Developments in live casino

Live casino is a type of game where you can play directly against a dealer via streaming. This is an attempt to recreate to some extent the social aspect of casino gaming. So-called table games such as blackjack or roulette have the disadvantage that when you play them in digital version, they can be experienced by many players as a little drier and less flashy than slots. They simply lack the visual charm that slots have. But in a live casino where you can see your dealer draw the cards or spin the wheel, you get back a lot of what makes these games so popular in real casinos. With modern green screen technology, there is now also the possibility to combine a human dealer with a computer-generated background to create a graphic experience where only the game designer’s imagination sets the limit.

Other smaller game designers who were also at the forefront of this development are, for example, Yggdrasil and Thunderkick, who have both grown explosively.

What does the future hold?

As we have pointed out, only small variations in the rules distinguish modern online slots from old slot machines. But we can be sure that the development in terms of graphics and light loops will move forward and develop at a steady pace. VR technology is a prime example of areas where development is progressing. Soon, game designers can create entire casinos where you can wander around between different games and also other types of virtual worlds that are completely different from something we could experience in reality. This again means that the same simple game mechanisms can be reused in an unlimited number of ways. There is every reason to believe that Swedish game developers will continue to lead the way in this development.