Article: The step into technology

Technology is something that is constantly evolving, we see new smart solutions to various everyday problems every day and it is exciting to see where it will take us.

Not least, it is something that is noticeable in the gaming world on PC, Playstation and mobile phones where the gaming experience is taken to new levels with each release.

During the last 20-30 years, we have experienced a huge shift in how we play games with each other. It started with simpler variants such as checkers and chess, then most card games have been developed, with everyday card games but also games like UNO has taken the world by storm. Many of us sat there with the last card in hand and exclaimed “UNO!” to then be able to pick up 4 new cards.

The board games move to the world of technology

We can see how more and more of our favorite games are getting into electronics and with the help of new technology, we can play them on the go on our mobile or computer. A game that was released in Sweden and became one of the most popular was the so-called Wordfeud, a copy of the classic Alphabet. You could play against each other over the mobiles and it made it easier for hungry word fighters to find new opponents. Instead of being stuck in place, you could put a word in school, a word in the bus and a word once you got home. Now it is also so popular that one is also arranged SM in Wordfeud precisely because its popularity has increased so much. Recently, we have also been able to see how several classic board games have entered the web and into the world of online casinos. Card games in the form of blackjack and poker can now be played with real money from the mobile, monopoly has its own slot machine. The question is what the next step in development will be.

Is VR the step forward?

Live casino is something that has made huge strides in gaming entertainment value for casino players. In Sweden, where there are hardly any land-based casinos, it is difficult to experience the feeling when you get 21 and bring home a win at a real table. With webcams, it has been possible to follow card games and roulette live online with the opportunity to bet accordingly.

Now the question is whether the next step is so-called VR casinos, or at least the opportunity to play via VR. Some of these have already been developed, and it gives an even better feeling when you can “walk around” among the machines and tables. Being able to sit at a table and play a few rounds and then move on without a lot of clicks in front of a computer can be the next revolution in the industry.

The feeling when you play with VR is very similar to reality, and with the help of technology you may be able to socialize with other VR players and see how it goes for them on the floor.

To sum up, one can say that technology is here to stay, with the pace at which development is taking place, nothing is impossible. In the world of games, we will probably see new aspects within 10-15 years that we did not even think were possible, there are many who are waiting with excitement for their new favorite game.