Article: Will everything be wireless in the future?


Being able to have all your stuff at home completely wireless would probably be a dream, avoid all the cables behind the TV or computer, but how far are we from it?

It has probably been a dream for many, to be able to have all the gadgets such as TV, PC and other gadgets completely wireless. Imagine being able to have your TV in the living room on the wall, without a single cable that needs to protrude, everything is wireless including the power.

This is something that the company Reasonance has succeeded in, developing a prototype that is completely wireless including the power, which almost sounds like a dream. But even though this is only a prototype, the question is when and if this will ever become a reality.

Because it was not long ago that wireless chargers for our phones and headphones more or less became a standard and at a price that most people can actually afford. For me, wireless charging is a must, so easy to both charge it at home but at least as easy to charge in the car that has a specific compartment for just wireless charging of the phone.

Just the thought that we can transfer power completely wirelessly to a gadget I think was something that sounded impossible a few decades ago but which today is more of a must than a surprise.

Wireless internet is also something that not many people can do today, it is a matter of course that it was not a few years ago but which it is now. Today we can not do without the internet, we have many needs and to play on, for example ComeOn will not be possible without us having our internet. Not only do we have wireless internet today, it is getting faster and more impressive. Soon it is not the speed that is decisive but how many devices the network can actually handle.

The question then is whether we have significantly more technology that may become wireless in the near future, things that we do not believe or even expected to become wireless may become, no more cables, no more hassle in thinking about how long or how short cable you need, which standard of cable to choose. It may simply be impossible to make the wrong choice of cable as everything is wireless and the manufacturer basically offers only the right solutions.

Our phones are already becoming completely wireless and it is rumored that Apple is working on a completely wireless iPhone that will be launched by 2022/2023. It would not be completely impossible and I think if Apple chooses and dares to make a completely cordless phone, several other manufacturers will jump on the same train.