Article: Will the casino of the future be in virtual reality?

Given the rapid development of technology in recent decades, it is not difficult to imagine that the development of new technology will proceed even faster in the future.

For example, will we drive a car ourselves, or will self-driving cars take over? We may not even drive, it may be flying drones that will be the most common means of transport. Or teleportation. Yes, one thing is for sure and that is that the technology of the future will give us opportunities that we can hardly imagine today.

An individual factor that has played a major role in technological development over the past 20 years is the internet. Today, we can hardly imagine not being able to connect to the Internet. An industry that early on realized the possibilities of being online is the casino industry.

Suddenly, everyone could be offered the opportunity to play in a way that had previously only been possible for those who could physically get to a casino.

This industry has developed enormously since its launch and the question is which technology will be used in the future. Many people turn their eyes to virtual reality, which in the future could give everyone the opportunity to visit a casino from home, albeit virtually.

Modern games

We may not really be there yet, to be able to go to the casino with the help of virtual reality. The casino companies still use a lot of modern technology to create their games. Companies like uses modern technology to be able to offer slots of various kinds, with specially composed music and advanced graphics. Most also offer to be able to play live casino, that is, you can play at home through their site but against a real dealer in real time. Imagine being able to get the feeling of stepping into a real casino in the future. Where you can move around, interact with dealers and other players among other things. It is not entirely impossible that this will be the case.

No one here

The technology around virtual reality is not a new invention. The was launched as early as the 1990s and a bright future was then predicted where it would be used for everything. The big breakthrough never really came, however, and one reason may have been that the graphics and animations of that time did not hold a high enough standard. Even if you had all the equipment with special glasses and more, that real feeling never really appeared, but it was more like being in a bad computer game. All environments were square and there was no way to make people who somehow ever looked real. This meant that virtual reality fell somewhat into oblivion and had to make way for other technological modernities, such as the internet, which made a big impact.

Angry birds and Pokémon

Since then, virtual reality has fallen into oblivion. Until a few years ago when the next revolution in technology took place, smartphones. With the new technology, we could all be connected to the web via our mobile phones that we always carry with us. The phones were also equipped with a camera, and always connected to the network. This led to a revolution in the gaming market. The above-mentioned casino industry was of course quick to catch up on the new trend by offering its customers games via mobile apps. Now you could play wherever you were, on the bus, in the summer cottage and at work. It opened up a whole new market. It was not long before a completely new industry emerged, mobile gaming. Who does not remember what an impact Angry Birds had, it was a completely new way of playing that was based on short sequences of action, all to be able to fit in during today’s short breaks. It did not take long before the next success would make its entrance, and this time with completely new technology. The old honest virtual reality had been dusted off here and adapted to be used on mobile phones. Augmented reality was the new thing and it allowed users to see a combination of the real world and a fictional one at the same time on the screen. This made it possible to capture fantasy animals that only appeared on the screen.

The future is coming

So, in the future, will we visit virtual casinos? It will surely happen at some point in the future, the question is when. The big challenge with virtual reality is that it takes some equipment to really get the best experience. It is not something that the average person has at home, but it often requires a large investment. However, it is not impossible to imagine that the development will give us more affordable equipment in the near future. Many other industries, such as online shopping, could also benefit from virtual reality. Therefore, it is very likely that in the not too distant future we will have equipment for a good virtual reality experience in every home.