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Artist demonstrates compensation gap between Apple Music and Spotify

Artist demonstrates compensation gap between Apple Music and Spotify

Last year, Apple revealed how much the company pays in royalties to artists and songwriters when users stream a song on Apple Music. The average payout is one cent (about 11 öre) per streamed song. The number varies because Apple has different agreements in different countries and with different copyright organizations and record companies.

Spotify pays significantly less, on average a third as much (0.33 cents or 3.6 öre). But that number obviously varies as well. In a new video that artist L. Dre has published on Youtube he shows a specific example of how big the difference can be for one and the same artist.

He has two songs with about the same number of streams on each platform. One has been streamed 4.7 million times on Apple Music, bringing in $24,201 in revenue. The other has slightly fewer plays, 4.5 million, and has pulled in $11,684. It will be slightly more than half as much per stream.

L. Dre also goes through other aspects of the streaming services, praising, for example, Spotify for ancillary services such as Shopify integration and better linking tools.

Apple recently raised the price of Apple Music subscriptions, blaming, among other things, increased compensation levels.

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