Asteria Ascending donates delicious turn-based role-playing game in September

Hand-painted backgrounds and animations!

Probably no one missed Asteria Ascending during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. The beautiful Japanese role-playing game, developed by Artisian Studios, in collaboration with veterans of the Final Fantasy series, has hand-painted backgrounds and animations. Although it is not only the Nintendo Switch that can be happy about this indie release. In fact, the game is released for all consoles and PCs, and lands on the Xbox Game Pass, which means that almost everyone will have the opportunity to experience Asteria Ascending when it is released on September 30th.

Asteria Ascending lets players follow an epic adventure across hand-painted worlds with, five cities, 25 dungeons and dynamic weather systems, share stories of sacrifice as eight demigods do what they can to stop the chaos that plagues the world. Asteria Ascending has a fine-tuned turn-based combat system where the characters’ characteristics come into play. The game has about 30 hours of playing time and up to 50 if you bet on 100% it. You will also be able to take part in side quests, mini-games and an original token game based on Final Fantasy.

read more about Asteria Ascending on the game’s Steam page.