Asus PureGo keeps track of our vegetables

Asus has now developed a little gadget that will keep track of whether our vegetables are clean, no it is not an April Fool’s joke.

Asus PureGo is the name of this gadget which in my opinion looks like a portable speaker but is something completely different. With PureGo, you should therefore be able to determine whether your fruits and vegetables have pesticides on them or not.

Asus PureGo PD100 which is the full name should be in water along with the vegetables and fruits you want to “check” which then determines if it exists or not. You will be a little surprised that Asus has developed this gadget, but who knows, maybe we will see significantly more Asus products in our kitchens in the future.

Asus PureGo PD100 costs in the US about 200 dollars, if it will also come in Sweden we do not know at the moment.