Asus releases new worsting laptop for creators

Asus has launched two new worsting computers in the Proart series for demanding professional users. Proart Studiobook and Proart Studiobook Pro look the same on the outside and have the same 16-inch OLED screen with the third-generation OLED panel from Samsung.

According to Asus, Samsung has developed technologies to alleviate the risk of burns that have previously prevented widespread use of OLED in computers. A surveillance system keeps track of each subpixel and can shift the entire image a notch to prevent burn-in. The screen has 4k resolution, 600 nits brightness and 100 percent dci-p3 colors even at minimal brightness, a big difference from ips panels that give fewer colors in low light.

On the inside, we find processors from either AMD or Intel depending on what the customer prefers. The standard model has up to the Ryzen 9 5900HX or Core I9-11900H, while the Pro model on the Intel side gets the Xeon W-11955M.

Asus Proart Studiobook
Photo: AsusUnique: Below the keyboard of the Proart Studiobook is a small steering wheel that can be used with Adobe Creative Cloud applications from the start.

Otherwise, the big difference between the standard and Pro models is the graphics card. In the standard model you get up to Geforce RTX 3070 Laptop while the Pro model has RTX A2000 or A5000. These cards also have special professional drivers that provide higher performance in, for example, some CAD programs.